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If you have a dental crown and it falls out or becomes lost, visiting the dentist is the best way to protect the tooth the crown was placed over. The dentist can resituate the crown or replace it. Even so, you can do a few things that can relieve discomfort and keep the tooth protected until you can visit our office.

You can apply some clove oil to the tooth with a cotton swab. Clove oil can soothe discomfort your tooth may be feeling. This may not be necessary if you can reach our office quickly, as you can serve yourself best by reaching us as fast as you can. However, if you suspect it will take a while to reach the dentist, it may help to use a dab of clove oil.

We do recommend you put the crown back on the tooth, if you can find it easily. To help it remain in place, you can use dental cement. You can slather the inside of the crown with the cement and carefully set it on the tooth, which should help keep the tooth safe.

If you cannot easily find the tooth or it is just not possible to put it back on, that is okay. Dental cement can be used to cover the tooth, which should offer enough protection until Dr. Daniel J Walker can take a look at it.

On a final note, please do not use glues you have around the house, except for dental cement. Household glues are good for household repairs, but they are not good for your mouth or your body. Please do not use them in this way.

If you do have a crown fall out, we can help you at our office in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. You can call us at 808-329-8180 to set up a visit. We stand ready to help you with whatever you need.