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If you wish to protect your smile, one of the first things you should set up is a tooth hazard and dental damage prevention checklist. Dental damage can arise at any time and can strike at any age for any reason whatsoever. Even if you have the best of oral health care, it can be destroyed in seconds due to an oral accident or injury. Although not all accidents can be prevented, there are numerous things you can do to help give your smile the best chance of success.

Along with a healthy diet, it is essential to always avoid products that can severely hamper your health progress, such as smoking and using drugs. Not only are smoking and drugs extremely hazardous to your smile, but they can also hinder your physical and mental health as well. Bad habits such as these can lead to tooth loss, cancer, and even complete oral health failure. Thus, it is crucial to avoid smoking and drugs whenever possible.

Wisdom teeth usually grow in during our teen years. Regrettably, they often come with a litany of risks. Wisdom teeth can often grow in incorrectly or cause problems with our pre-existing smile, including infections, malocclusions, and tooth decay. If you feel like you’re having any problems with wisdom teeth growing in, speak with your dentist.

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