The office of Daniel J. Walker DDS is thrilled to offer NuCalm® in Kailua Kona, Hawaii! This neuroscience technology quickly relaxes our patients without the use of narcotics or controlled substances. NuCalm combines biochemistry, neurophysiology, and physics to bring the mind and body to parasympathetic nervous system dominance, which is the only state that allows your body to recover, heal, and rebuild.

NuCalm consists of four components that, together, bring the body to a deep calming state. It takes approximately 3 minutes to administer the NuCalm components, and patients will feel the relaxation effects in 3-5 minutes. The four components are as follows:

  1. First, a NuCalm topical cream is applied or taken as chewable dietary supplements, that have been designed to relax you by counteracting adrenaline. This formula is only available via the NuCalm system, and includes structured, nutrient-sourced building blocks that quickly bring about a natural relaxation response.
  2. Microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind each ear, which has been shown to help facilitate the relaxation response.
  3. Noise-canceling headphones are used to deliver proprietary neuroacoustic software. This brings your brain wave pace to the pre-sleep stages (12Hz -4Hz).
  4. An eye mask is used to block out light and to negate visual stimuli. This helps maintain the NuCalm relaxation state.

If you are interested in enjoying a peaceful, relaxing dental experience, please contact our office to learn more about NuCalm and to schedule an appointment with our dentist!