Biomimetic dentistry takes a conservative approach to dental care. It is a tooth-preserving, minimally invasive form of dentistry that has practically eliminated cutting teeth down for crowns and destructive root canal treatment. Biomimetic means to copy or mimic nature. With this in mind, biomimetic dentistry works by rebuilding teeth with materials that duplicate natural teeth with incredible accuracy and efficiency.

As a certified biomimetic dentist, Dr. Daniel J Walker uses advanced materials, adhesives, and techniques to keep decayed or damaged teeth strong and sealed off from bacteria. These specialized methods make our dentist’s restorations respond to daily use just like a natural tooth would. Even better, the biomimetic method is highly successful in breaking the root canal cycle. Since biomimetic fillings use the most resilient materials to seal teeth from infection, they rarely result in a root canal procedure.

As a less aggressive, more durable form of dental work, biomimetic dentistry is an excellent choice for patients who desire a gentler approach to treatment. If you are interested in learning more about biomimetic dentistry in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, please contact the office of Daniel J. Walker DDS at 808-329-8180 to schedule your appointment!