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Caring for your smile includes being aware of all issues and aspects of your oral health in regard to the potential damage that can occur to your teeth and gums. If for any reason you are not taking care of your jawbone correctly, you could be putting your TMJs at risk. Your TMJs, also known as your temporomandibular joints, are ball-and-socket joints within your jaw designed to facilitate the movement of your jaw. If your TMJs are damaged, your jaw will not be able to work appropriately. To help keep your smile safe from the risk of a TMJ disorder, understand the causes and treatments associated with them.

In order to make sure that your mouth is well protected against risks that can arise associated with a TMJ disorder, you will need to make sure you understand the causes that can lead to them arising. If you have situations where your teeth are grinding at night, you will probably be suffering from bruxism, which is a known risk factor for a TMJ disorder. Furthermore, by constantly partaking in bad habits such as biting your nails or routinely chewing on inedible products, you could be doing damage to your mouth and giving rise to a TMJ disorder. Misalignments or dislocations with your teeth and jaw and arthritis are also known risk factors for a TMJ disorder.

If you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, you will need to visit your dentist so that the appropriate treatments can be given. Heat and ice packs can be beneficial depending on whether you’re suffering from pain or inflammation. In several situations, TMJ disorders are aggravated by stress within your body, so meditative therapies via yoga, calming music, or biofeedback can be beneficial. Furthermore, a diet that includes soft foods only and jaw-strengthening exercises can help treat TMJ disorders. For additional help with relieving pressure from your jaw, visit your dentist for the application of a bite plate or night guard.

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